Counting The Days

I started counting when there were 27 days left.

20 more days




12 more days until I can wake up and afford an hour more of sleep.

12 more days until I can fix my room as pristine as I like it.

12 more days until I can follow a religious work out schedule without my body screaming let me rest!!!

12 more days until I can cook food I want to cook and not have to be subjected to incessant fast food escapes.

12 more days until I can flip pages of non-law books without guilt.

12 more days until I can start missing law school to rejuvenate the tired law student in me. Or maybe the missing part starts way way past the 12 day mark.

Either way, 12 more days, chacha. 12 more days to be strong and 12 more days to push through. 12 more days to keep saying I got this until you actually do. 12 more days and then you rest and pray for the best, with full faith and trust that you did the best you could.


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