First Letter to the President.

Sir, your presidency welcomed a shift in the usual trend of Philippine politics, of Philippine policies.

I feared the worst.

I feared an era of isolation from the rest of the world,

I feared that the laws I am studying would drastically change into a different system,

I feared that more lives will be lost than be saved.

But in the middle of those fears lies a promise you uttered from your presidential campaign- that you would wage a war against drugs and eradicate the same from Philippine society. In the middle of my apprehensions about you, I gave you a chance because I thought you would prey on the ills of society and in doing so, pave way to a better Philippines.

And prey, you did.

To some, you are paving the way towards a better nation but Sir, I did not expect that drug pushers and drug users (some only alleged, at that) would be treated like glorified road kill.

I did not expect that while celebrities and personalities have publicised and lawful drug tests, the masses would be treated like glorified road kill. I did not expect that while celebrities have publicized and lawful trials, the masses would be cowering in fear on the streets waiting for a gun shot or knife stab to their selves before they can even utter a word. I did not expect that while you so blatantly deny accusations linking you to the extrajudicial killings, you acknowledge the occurence of such and yet, are seemingly not alarmed as how I expected a President of any country should be.

You are a lawyer and I know you know that everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law which is why I am invoking a better response to the EJKs that you seemingly have no hand in.


Wage a war against those acting in your name.

Wage a war against those using your campaign for their squad wars,

for their blood lusts,

for their revenge agendas.

Wage a war against those who malign a promise of a better nation.


More than what you can do as public official and as an officer of the court, and this is most especiallly if what you claim regarding your role in the EJKs is contrary from the truth, do your part as a decent human being,  as a Filipino.


At the very least, uphold a Philippine society ingrained with respect both for the living and the dead.


Originally for a Legal Writing class.

I think I had a little too much fun and got props for creative writing, instead

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