We Said Go Travel: Be Part of the Global Travel Writing Community

I first chanced upon the website We Said Go Travel when my mom told me about a writing contest wherein “Bravery” was the topic. When I was browsing through the site, l found it interesting that such a travel contest/blog/website would delve into deeper elements of seeing the world in addition, and moreso, to the beauty that earth has in store. It highlighted, amongst many, the human experience, the stories behind a foreign face, dialogues with shared languages, and connections of different colours. The caches of memories and thoughts present in the global community that is We Said Go Travel inspires bravery from all walks of life. It was only actually fitting that my first write up with them was what inspires me to be brave.

On to why am I writing this.

I got word that I get to promote that I am a published writer for We Said Go Travel. Thank you loads, Lisa Niver, for the opportunity to spread the word. Writing has always been one of my first loves and I hope, despite pursuit of my JD, I can continue to work for social and global inclusion through the power of words.

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