Literally ending the 1st of July with our first post.

Caches would be a stash of thoughts, travels, moments of 20-something sisters as we go about living our lives. It is promised to be updated as getting a webspace set up is not exactly the least expensive purchase.

Certainly is not the easiest to set up either.

But more importantly it is promised to be updated because it will store memories and ideas, maybe share them with others.

It has yet to have an identity of its own but it is dreamt to be one that entertains and inspires at the same time.
So after hours of laboring about html codes, SSL certs, credit cards and probably every single thing I try to stay away from, I am typing another first post on another new blog, Caches. Here is to hoping this sticks. My sister is yet to be reached for a message but once she gets back to Manila, I will make sure she does her work.

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